Clock House Farm

Patricia Lopez

Clock House was founded by Clive Murdoch in 1903. The business has been passed on from generation to generation and is now run by Robert and Camilla Pascall and their son Oli.  One of the things that we love about Clock House Farm their innovative vision. They are constantly trialling...

Kentish Pip

Patricia Lopez

Kentish Pip is one of our wonderful suppliers of Cider. Why do we love them? We love their passionate and innovative spirit to challenge the status quo. They combine tradition with innovation and continue to push the boundaries working with nature to delight us with new flavours to discover. Kentish...

Provenance Potatoes

Patricia Lopez

We get a lot of our potatoes from Provenance and we wanted to share with you what makes them special.  Why do we love Provenance Potatoes? Provenance has continuously looked to reduce our collective carbon footprint, care for the land the potatoes are grown on, and considered the economic impact...