Recipe Inspiration

Recipe Inspiration

Zoe Lake

Welcome to our recipes page!

Are you looking to liven up your weekday menu? Do you want to cook with the freshest ingredients, supporting your wonderful local farming community? Are you embarking on a seasonal diet or simply looking for a little inspiration in your quest to embrace an increasingly plant based diet? Whatever your reasons, we’re glad you’re here. We will be adding new recipes every week to provide a little inspiration to your weekly meals!

At My Farm Shop, we love our food. Truly love it. That’s why we source the highest quality ingredients, encouraging the farm to tabletop method, keeping it tasty, fresh and clean. These are some of our favourite recipes using mostly locally sourced ingredients, and have been created to be flavoursome, wholesome and enjoyable to make, with a sprinkle here and a glug there. We hope you enjoy them too.

However, remember that cooking is more of an adventure in the kitchen, an art rather than a science. Therefore, don’t be afraid to tweak to your taste buds or get creative swapping out one item for another. Food is to be celebrated, so have fun and eat well!


Jam Packed Noodles

Ok, so just for clarity, there’s no jam in here. But…there are six different vegetables, a powerhouse of nutrients, and kids don’t tend to notice them. In fact, our daughter doesn’t really speak until she’s hoovered up her last noodle. On these days, I feel like I’m winning at life. Read more...


            Mushroom & Saffron Risotto

                A beautifully simple dish and a crowdpleaser to boot. Read more...


Courgette Chocolate Chip Brownie

Get ready for the Gaviscon, as eating just one at a time is asking a lot of your self-restraint! Read more...


Fresh Tomato & Cream Pasta

This is so simple to whip up, packs a delicious punch and makes the most of tomato season when you’ve bought some, then the neighbours drop some round and then your Mum turns up with more from her garden! Read more...