Balsamic Drizzle

A fun way to improve upon the acidic tone of such a flavoursome cupboard staple, reducing it over heat makes it sweet and tangy, and quite delicious.


Here's how you do it

1.       Pour the balsamic into a shallow pan or small saucepan and bring to a simmer on a medium heat.

2.       Now reduce the heat to a medium low and stir constantly as it begins to thicken, this takes around 10 minutes.

3.       You do not need to add the sugar, however it does speed up the process and adds another depth of flavour to the glaze.

4.       Remove once it starts to thicken and slides off the back of a metal spoon with a little effort. It should be glossy and thick, but it will thicken up further once it cools so remove just before it becomes too thick. Think warm honey, not treacle molasses.

5.       Bottle your stash and store for a month. 200ml makes around 50-60ml once reduced, so if you prefer, increase your quantities if you know you will be using more.

Use this glorious glaze to drizzle over salads, to beautify dishes, mix into recipes (we use it here often bringing a deeper flavour to a recipe), add it to pasta, dressings, even strawberries!

Your guests will be mightily impressed when the starter is delivered with such finesse and restaurant standard attention to detail. Up your game by drizzling over a simple tricolour salad.


  • 200ml of balsamic vinegar
  • ½ tsp sugar

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