Coronavirus FAQ

During these uncertain times it is of paramount importance to us that all possible measures to safeguard our customers´health are taken. Building up your immune system by ensuring you are getting the freshest fruit and vegetables is step one, but we also want to inform our customers of the care that we are putting behind the scenes to maintain the highest levels of safety when we handle your produce. 

What safety measures do we put in place when delivering our products?

We thoroughly brief our drivers every morning in order to continue to uphold the strictest health and safety guidelines, such as constantly washing their hands and using and having the hand sanitiser in the van at all times. Our drivers also wear disposable gloves for deliveries, which they dispose of after each delivery, ensuring the maximum levels of cleanliness when handling your orders.

Our lovely drivers would normally offer to help you unpack your shopping, as providing a highly professional, friendly and engaging service is very much part of our ethos. However in the current climate, we feel that it is best to minimise risk, which is why our drivers will always ask you if you would like them to wait for you to unpack in case you want to give us the box back for recycling purposes.

How do we use our boxes? 

We feel extremely passionate about protecting our environment, and would normally reuse our boxes in order to minimise waste as much as possible. However at the moment we are not reusing our boxes as we are prioritising our customers´ health. Our drivers will ask you if you would like to keep the box or hand it back to us but it will be for recycling purposes only. The delivery boxes will not be reused until the situation with Covid-19 has subdued.

How do we manage the packing process in terms of safety measures?

We place your order the previous evening to you receiving it, which in turn ensures maximum freshness. Once your order arrives to us the following morning, our staff, who are also thoroughly trained in keeping the strictest standards of health and safety, will pack your order wearing gloves at all times. These gloves are disposed of and replaced by new ones every 1 to 2 hours. Our work surfaces are also disinfected several times a day. 

We hope this information has given you some peace of mind about the care that we place in ensuring the highest levels of safety for our customers. We are in tricky times and we will continue to be extremely cautious and careful until we come out of this! Our commitment to outstanding quality does not stop at our selective approach towards our suppliers and products. You can rest assured that we are covering all bases to ensure everyone´s safety.