About Us

Exceptional Food Responsibly Sourced

It´s really simple. We love bringing the most inspiring and freshest food to people while supporting our local communities whenever possible. 

Don´t get us wrong, we also want to bring our customers  a great variety of produce, which sometimes means having to source produce that is not available locally, elsewhere. However, we focus on our local producers & farmers for all the wonderful food that is available locally.

Many of us would love to have the time to shop locally and support local farmers and producers but so often it simply does not fit into our hectic lifestyles to visit the farm shop, butcher and baker each week. My Farm Shop Home Delivery makes this possible for everyone with next day delivery available in all orders.

Why Supporting Local is important to us

We feel very passionate about supporting our local farmers and producers. Supporting local means fresher, healthier and more delicious food as the need for pesticides and preservatives is reduced. In contrast to physical Farm Shops and Supermarkets, we don´t have produce on display and we don´t hold stock, which means that in many instances your food has been freshly picked that same morning or the day before. Supporting local also means reducing our Food Miles which is unfortunately one of the biggest dangers to the environment. Last but not least, in today´s world more than ever, we feel passionate about returning to how things used to be when we all relied on and supported our local farmers and communities by sourcing our food locally.

Transparent & Mindful Sourcing

We care deeply about where our food comes from which is why we are on a continuous quest to bring on board wonferful producers who look after and respect the land and animals used to source their food. We feel passionate about health-conscious producers who use the best quality, natural ingredients whilst minimising the use of packaging.

It is important to us that our customers know where their food comes from. Which is why we include in many instances very relevant information about our producers in our product pages as well as in Our Suppliers section. We are all about transparency and traceability.

Our customers are extremely important to us and we pride ourselves in having a wonderful friendly team who is always willing to go the extra mile. We love staying close to our customers which is why we stay in close contact and are always open to hear about any requirements or special requests!