Quicke's Clothbound Double Devonshire 150g






Handcrafted using milk from Quickes' own grass-fed cows, clothbound and naturally matured, typically for 3 to 6 months. Quickes' unique take on a traditional Double Gloucester. Elegantly mellow with a buttery, long-lasting taste. 

Size: 150g.

Origin: UK.

Quicke's is a beautiful British Cheese Brand with an equally beautiful philosophy and cheese-making tradition. The family-run business, which has been passed on from generations, continues to use traditional recipes, time-honoured techniques and heritage starters to create outstanding clothbound Cheddar. Made by hand in the old-fashioned way, slowly matured for a deeply satisfying flavour, Quicke's Cheese celebrates the deep connection that has grown between the Quicke Family and the land they have nurtured for over 500 years. We simply love them.