Kentish Apple Juice Red Love






 Don´t let the beautiful bottle fool you, this is not wine, but apple juice! Multi Award-Winning Apple Juice Biddenden´s Red Love is made using the juice pressed from an apple variety called Red Love. This special edition Apple Juice is a vibrant red colour, clear not cloudy and contains no added colourants, sugars or chemicals. Winner of Kent of Taste Awards 2020, 2019 and 2017.

Size: 750cl.


Also known as Kent´s original vineyard, Biddenden Vineywards is a family run business with the second and third generation of the Barnes´ family managing the estate. The family is able to draw on  5 decades of winemaking knowledge and pair this with new methods and techniques to ensure that Biddenden is at the forefront of the English wine industry. 11 different grape varieties are grown in the picturesque Wealden village of Biddenden to produce their array of award-winning White, Rosé, Red and Sparkling English wines. They also produce wonderful apple and pear juices.