Kingsdown Rhubarb Sparkle 330ml






Made from handpicked British rhubarb and lightly sparkling Kingsdown Spring Water – this beautiful soft pink sparkling pressé captures the subtle and refreshing flavours of summer rhubarb. 

Ingredients: Carbonated Spring Water, British rhubarb juice (25%), sugar, natural colour, ascorbic acid.

Size: Bottle of 330ml.

Origin: Kent.

Why do we love Kingsdown? Environmental and ethical concerns are right at the top of Kingsdown's agenda. In 2014 they carried out a review of their operations in order to achieve carbon neutral status and establish the brand as the environmental market leader. Amongst other things, they invest in tree planting schemes and hydroelectric projects in Central America, in order to offset their remaining carbon emissions and achieve carbon neutral status. Kingsdown is only available in glass bottles. Glass is the most sustainable packaging material on the planet. They also recycle everything they can. Their empty pallets are all re-used, their waste cardboard and polythene packaging is recycled, and they buy all the materials and ingredients from the UK. Kingsdown is driven to produce great drinks that don't cost the earth.