Chilli Jam Chutney 190g






This Chilli Jam has a gentle bite to it, with a hot yet sweet flavour combining the chillies with garlic, onion and chopped root ginger. It is a perfect partner for cold meat and cheese dishes, and its sticky texture makes an ideal marinade for barbecues and grills.

No artificial flavouring, colouring or preservative. The product could contain traces of nut. 

Size: 190g.

Origin: Kent.

The Wooden Spoon is a small family-run forward-thinking local business situated in the beautiful rural location of Wye, Kent. The company is ever-evolving and constantly creating exciting innovative products to their ever expanding selection. They pride themselves in the production of unique preserves and bottled fruits using only the finest quality ingredients and where possible, their produce is sourced from local growers.