GF Crazy Carrot Cake Raw Fruit Oatie (pack of 4)






This Creative Nature Crazy Carrot Cake Raw Fruit Oaties are the ultimate allergy-friendly snack bars. How are they so epic? They are free from the TOP 14 allergens. You heard right, a carrot cake bar that anyone with allergies can enjoy! Whether you want to treat yourself to a mid-day pick me up with a cuppa or a delicious dessert, these raw fruit oaties have you covered! Especially great for the autumnal season or packed school lunches. With no syrups, agave, artificial sweeteners or sugar, it´s the best carrot cake bar out there!

Gluten, dairy, wheat, nut safe.

Size: 4 packs of 40g.

Creative Nature is a wonderful brand focused on producing healthy yet delicious snacks. Their products are free from gluten, dairy, nuts and sweeteners. They also make sure they source the highest quality ingredients to maximise the health benefits ensuring their products are free from the heavy metals found in other snack bars.