Flaming Chup Harissa 50g






 A flavoursome and fearlessly hot chilli paste combining Morrocan spices and some of the world’s hottest chillis including the reaper chilli.

Deliciously versatile and full of flavour, this seriously hot chilli paste is great for using in cooking, marinade or to add spice and flavour to your food. Please Use this paste with care as it really can blow your socks off!

Our products are 100% free from artificial flavours or any nasties whatsoever. please see the ingredients for any allergens. For people who like it hot, this chilli paste can be used as a dip, marinade or as a condiment for the table.

Origin: Kent.

Size: 50g.

Based in Faversham, Kent, Carrington’s started in the heart of the home; the kitchen. As a young boy, Dominic, the founder, enjoyed helping his grandmother in the kitchen, it was here where he discovered his love of food and cooking.

Finding it difficult to find the right sauces to accompany the food he was serving, Dominic decided to create his own using honest ingredients, vibrant flavours and a spicy kick. The result was Chillichup a deliciously versatile mild chilli sauce infused with a rich mix of spices and chillis.

The sauce was an instant hit with his customers and in 2014 Carrington Foods was established solely for the production of high quality sauces and preserves. Carrington Foods believes in selling its sauces through independent retailers, local markets and festivals to help support local businesses and the local food scene.