Luis Felipe Edwards Gran Reserva Merlot






If you love big, bold reds, Colchagua Valley will be your paradise. It's sandwiched between the Andes and the Coastal Mountain Range, with an arid climate which is too much for the delicate skin of white grapes - but is perfect to slowly ripen red grapes, intensifying the flavours. Luis Felipe Edwards' vineyards are at a particularly high-altitude, 900 meters above sea level, which creates a slightly cooler micro-climate. Ideal conditions for Merlot. Fresh. Fruity. It's got incredible intensity from ripening in the Colchagua sun. Think strawberry, black cherry and cassis. A lovely ripe, velvety texture complements this moreish fruitiness. Ideal with roast beef.

Style: Big Red.

ABV: 14.5%


Classed: C Full.

Origin: Chile.

VAT included.