Ashmore Farmhouse Cheese 230g






This award-winning naturally rinded cheddar-style cheese made from British Friesian cow’s milk and matured for at least six months. A deep, rich, strong taste that lingers long in the mouth. The cheese that makes French cheese-lovers raise their eyebrows and exclaim, “So, you make real cheese in England!” Good with fruity chutneys. Ashmore Farmhouse won in the 2011 World Cheese Awards the Super Gold Medal, making it one of the top 50 cheeses in the world.

Size: 230g.

Origin: Kent.

Cheese Makers of Canterbury is a wonderful artisan business based in Faversham which was set up by Jane Bowyer in 2007. The unpasteurised milk comes from Tom Castle’s herd of British Friesians at nearby Debden Farm in Petham. They have a great range of cheeses from Ashmore to Canterbury Cobble, Gruff, Kelly´s Canterbury Goat, camambert-style Dargate Dumpy, Chaucer´s and Bowyer´s. All of their cheese is made by hand, following techniques that have been used for thousands of years, and with a team of only nine people, many of whom have been there since the beginning.