Skylark Sparkling Cider 330ml






Skylark is a next generation sparkling cider, popping with big notes of Kentish dessert apples, followed by a flourish of complex cider tannins. 

Size: Individual can of 330ml.

5.5% alcohol.

Kentish Pip is a family run business based in Woolton Farm near Canterbury, where the Mount family has been growing apples for four generations. Their products are a window into their lifestyle and ethos: working with nature and never settling for second best. Cider is a story of people, places, variety and discovery. A rich heritage, diverse culture and a bright future. Kentish Pip combines the best ingredients with innovation, style and a pinch of tradition. They source dessert and culinary apples from their own farm and a handful of trusted local growers in Kent and Sussex. They only ever use 100% fresh apples and pears, never made from concentrate.